Beginning Freelancing

Transitioning from corporate job to stay-at-home mom to Business Process Outsourcing representative and now to becoming a virtual assistant and beginning freelancing is something else, I dare say.

Transitioning from Corporate to Beginning Freelancing

My corporate job was what I had after graduating from university. Here, I was able to gain experience in customer service. I have to deal with clients daily. And then in another position where I led a team of Financial Analysts, I pretty much learned leadership as well as being just one of them, a simple team member.

Being a full-time, stay-at-home mom is a challenging task of another level. You need not only have to look after yourself but your main focus now are your children and family.

I missed my corporate job so much that when my kids were a bit older, I entered the Business Process Outsourcing industry. Here, I learned new skills, lingo and terminologies. The shift to graveyard working hours was a hurdle to deal with as well as the body clock change. It was a whole new environment and culture altogether. But this experience has honed my listening skills and customer service even more.

The Beginning of My Freelancing

Joining Elance (now Upwork) was my first attempt to working online. This is what started my thoughts of becoming a freelancer. Fortunately, after studying how to transcribe by myself, I was able to find a client, a very patient and understanding one who taught me the basics of using the software that she required.

Beginning Freelancing

To my mind, learning with the help of Coaches would be very helpful. So, early in March 2020, I enrolled for my first two online courses which I scheduled for April (Online Accounting/Bookkeeping) and May 2020 (for General Virtual Assistance).

I didn’t know that the middle of March would start my stay indoors due to the pandemic just like almost everybody else. And during the first few weeks, I knew that we have to start reinventing ourselves and to better ourselves.

After these courses, I knew that I had to learn more. So I enrolled in five other courses: Online Bookkeeping, Social Media In-Depth Course, Real Estate Virtual Assistance, Graphic Design, and now Web Design.

I was having fun and being challenged all at the same time. It is not easy juggling time with online courses and being a mom.

Beginning Freelancing and a Mission.

And that is how Ma3sky Virtual Solutions was conceptualized. Now, I am ready to take on another challenge. To be able to apply all these learnings and at the same time be able to help empower business owners to their success goals is the idea.

We all have our mission in life – to serve. To help others and lighten their burdens.

There is a light beaming in front of us. We just can’t see it in the darkness that we are in at the moment. But, I am positive that we can all move forward through this pandemic. I know that there is a bright future waiting for all of us. We just need to collaborate, to trust in ourselves and in God.

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